Recent death from falling tape measure virtually avoidable with new tether from Gear Keeper.

Recently, an un-tethered, 16-ounce tape measure fell on and killed a man at a NJ construction site. This type of accident is now virtually avoidable with the new Gear Keeper Retractable Tape Measure Tether.  A potential lifesaver for this common worksite tool, the new Tape Measure Tether offers effort-free extension and gentle retraction for safety and convenience.

The Gear Keeper Retractable Tape Measure Tethers are available with a choice of two different personal attachment devices. The model RT4-5604 ($24.99) features a rotating Belt Clip Mount that permits a 360o range of motion. When clipped to a belt, workers can safely and easily access and extend the tape measure without fear of dropping the tape measure. For those who prefer to clip their tape measure to a D-ring can choose the model RT4-5605 ($24.99) that features a Heavy Duty Snap Clip Mount.

Each of the Gear Keeper models can handle most popular tape measures (up to 20 oz.) that have a lanyard loop attachment. Sufficient for any measuring job, the new tape measure lanyard provides an ample 36” extension enabling arms-length reach. The low retraction force (6 oz.) is designed to eliminate arm strain. When extended, you won’t even know it is safely attached to you. While the tether prevents the tape measure from falling, the low-force retraction lets you gently guide the tape measure back to its secure position.

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