iPhone/iPad Access to Fleet Information for Dispatchers, Fleet Managers & Executives
Navman Wireless today released a significantly expanded mobile app for its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, enabling dispatchers, fleet managers and executives to monitor and manage fleet activities from their iPhones or iPads. Launching in the U.S. as a free companion application to OnlineAVL2 with other markets to follow later this year, the new app provides in-depth insights into real-time fleet operations as well as the ability to send and receive messages through Navman Wireless in-vehicle terminals for fast and easy communication with drivers. 
The broad new mobile functionality is the most extensive in the fleet tracking industry, allowing fleet operators to take advantage of a robust set of GPS-based fleet management tools from the road or the field. OnlineAVL2 users can now use the mobile app to:
  • Determine the real-time location of any vehicle or asset, along with status information such as ignition on/off and travel speed, simply by selecting from a vehicle list.  
  • View the entire fleet, vehicle groups or individual assets in real time on Google Maps, with choice of standard, satellite or street map views.
  • Spot out-of-bounds vehicles or construction equipment by tapping a button to add previously created geofences or job sites to the map view.
  • ‘Replay a Day’ to see any vehicle’s current-day activity plotted on a map, making it possible to retrace driving routes and pinpoint the time and location of events such as speeding or idling. The same information can also be delivered in a report format.
  • Route drivers to a specific address with turn-by-turn directions by sending the information totheNavman Wireless M-Nav dispatch/messaging/navigation terminals.
  • Send messages to one or multiple Navman Wireless in-vehicle terminals with a tap, eliminating phone calls or separate text messages with associated delays.
These and other features provide anytime/anywhere access to key OnlineAVL2 information and capabilities, enhancing the ability to use the platform to reduce fleet costs, improve productivity and maximize customer service.
“Fleet operators don’t sit at their desks all day, so they need to be able to check the location of a specific work truck or route the closest service van to a new assignment whether they’re in the office, at a job site or sitting at the local coffee shop,” said Renaat Ver Eecke, Vice President and General Manager, Navman Wireless North America. “Now OnlineAVL2 customers can access the real-time data and tools they need whether they’re using their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It’s a major step toward better fleet management.”
About Navman Wireless
Navman Wireless is a global leader in GPS-based fleet optimization products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking and analytics delivered under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that enable companies to track, monitor and communicate with their movable and fixed equipment assets. The company’s technology currently monitors more than 150,000 vehicles owned by over 14,000 organizations worldwide, making Navman Wireless one of the world’s largest fleet management providers with coverage on five continents. Navman Wireless is based in Glenview, IL, with facilities in the U.S., Mexico, UK, Italy, Taiwan, Ireland, Singapore, China, New Zealand and Australia. For more information, visit www.navmanwireless.com.

screenshots shown below:

Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2 platform is the only fleet tracking solution that provides location, operations and performance data for both on-road vehicles and construction equipment from a single interface. Components include the OnlineAVL2 application, delivered under the Software-as-a-Service model with no major in-house software installation or maintenance required; the Qube on-road and Qtanium off-road GPS tracking devices; and in-vehicle M-Nav mobile messaging/turn-by-turn GPS navigation devices. 
The Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 mobile app is available immediately from the iTunes App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onlineavl/id503008765?mt=8 The new version is currently available in English. The previous iPhone-only mobile release is available in Chinese, Italian and Spanish at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onlineavl2/id373003344?mt=8 Future releases of the new mobile app will add support for Android phones and tablets as well as provide multiple language options.