PumpBiz, Inc., an international distributor of industrial/consumer pumps and generators is pleased to extend their Propane (LPG) Bi-fuel upgrades to trucks, cars, busses and delivery vehicles. Jeff Richmond, President of PumpBiz said that while they have been offering and installing Bi-fuel conversions to their lineup of small engines – lawn mowers, generators, water pump and construction equipment – for several years now, adding the upgrades for gasoline and diesel vehicles is a sign of the times and demand.

“We have heard from a lot of our customers pleased with the advantages of propane systems on their 4-cycle engines that they wanted to obtain the same advantages in the operations vehicles. Propane is 50% less expensive, clean burning, better for the engine, never goes bad, and the safety.”

“There are over 20 million vehicles worldwide operating on propane. While there are a lot in the USA, they are using invasive or complicated systems. The XSI system we use is quite simple and has been used in Europe for decades. System is completely automatic switching between fuels,” says Richmond.

In order to be more direct with marketing this timely fuel upgrade, PumpBiz has launched a second website – www.runpropane.com. It speaks to the subject better than the award winning website www.pumpbiz.com for pumps and generators.

For more information contact PumpBiz, Inc., at 800-PumpBiz (786-7249).