Brokk AB is officially presenting the Brokk 800 Demolition Machine to the North American market. More than twice as big as Brokk’s previous largest model, the Brokk 400, the new “Monster Brokk” is the most powerful demolition robot available in the Brokk lineup and on the market today. The Brokk 800 is available in two models, the Brokk 800S and Brokk 800P, opening up the machine for use in a variety of industries including cement and metal processing, construction and demolition, mining and tunneling, and nuclear, as well as other specialty applications.
The Brokk 800S features Brokk’s signature 3-arm system and offers a maximum reach of nearly 30-feet. When equipped with the included MB1000 breaker, the Brokk 800S produces 1,500-feet-per-pound at the tip of the tool, nearly twice the hitting power of the Brokk 400.
Specially designed with added heat protection, the Brokk 800P is intended for use in challenging process applications. Additionally, it includes an extra-durable, heat-protected SB302 hydraulic breaker to work with hot ladles, runners and furnaces. This solid body hammer delivers 450-feet-per-pound at the tip of the tool. The Brokk 800P features a 360-degree arm rotation design for challenging, precise angles, and offers an impressive reach of 31.5-feet.

While large and powerful, the Brokk 800 features the same compact design and capacity-to-size ratio as all Brokk units, allowing access into smaller, more restricted spaces. Powered by a 60-horsepower electric motor, the Brokk 800 offers emissions-free operation, further permitting work in confined areas. Safety is enhanced thanks to the remote control box. It allows operation from a safe distance, protecting operators from hazards such as high heat and falling debris.
The weight of the Brokk 800S, excluding equipment, is 24,310-pounds, while the BrokkP weighs in at 24,838-pounds. Both Brokk 800 units are able to carry attachments up to 2,465-pounds, including beam grapples, buckets, drilling equipment and shotcrete units.

For more information, contact Brokk’s North American headquarters at 800-621-7856 or visit the website at, or check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition to the 800, Brokk offers eight models, in a variety of sizes and lift capacities, with the smallest, the Brokk 50, weighing just 1,100 pounds. The company also engineers and builds custom machines with special equipment such as cameras, extended arms, side-angling devices and cable drums.