Subaru’s Industrial Generators are loaded with professional-grade features, top-of-the-line engines, and the power and ability to handle the needs of homeowners, professional contractors and rental centers. Though the smallest in Subaru’s full industrial lineup, the R1100, RGX2900, RGX3600, and RGX4800 offer impressive power and reliability, and now come equipped with Subaru’s leading 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
The R1100 is powered by a 2.4-horsepower EH09-2 OHV Subaru engine and delivers a maximum output of 1,100 watts. The unit offers a 1.1-gallon capacity fuel tank and 4.2 hours of continuous run time at the rated load. A unique one-touch control system allows all engine functions to be controlled with a turn of a dial.
Automated Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology on the R1100 allows finer voltage control for steady output and less fluctuation. The AVR system uses electronics to continuously monitor voltage output and provide the accurate control necessary to power more sensitive equipment.
The next three models of industrial Subaru generators feature Subaru’s powerful EX series overhead cam (OHC) engines. Each unit is equipped with a 4.4-gallon fuel tank and a gauge, as well as a full tubular steel frame to protect each the engine and components.
Subaru’s 6-horsepower EX17 engine powers the RGX2900, delivering a maximum output of 2,900 watts and providing a run time of 10.5 hours at the rated load.

Driven by the 7-hp EX21 engine, the RGX3600 offers an output of 3,600 watts. With an operation time of 8.4 hours, the RGX3600 incorporates an automatic idler control, lowering engine speed when power isn’t required. Not only does this increase fuel efficiency, but also reduces noise. The unit also includes a full power switch, allowing the full 120V amperage of the generator to be drawn from the 120V receptacles. Twist lock receptacle ensures safe operation.
The RGX4800, the largest in the series, is powered by the 9-horsepower EX27 engine and provides a maximum output of 4,800 watts. Featuring a run time of 6 hours at the rated load, this model also incorporates an automatic idler control, a full power switch and twist lock receptacles. The 4800 is also offered in an electric start configuration.
Smaller generators are more prone to harmful surges. Subaru’s smaller industrial RGX generators feature a capacitor system designed to keep output voltage in balance and prevent a decrease in power and surges. This system allows output voltage as high as 150 percent over rated power for up to 20 seconds, allowing for increased motor starting performance.
Also included is a Hourmeter to track the unit’s run time. Especially useful for rental centers, this feature aids in the scheduling and recording of maintenance. Each of these generators has a recoil start and a number of standard safety features such as low oil shutdown, GFCI receptacles and a fuseless circuit breaker protection.

Subaru generators are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan. Fuji Heavy Industries is a diversified manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, aircraft, ecotechnologies and industrial engines and equipment. Subaru engines are marketed and supported in North America by Robin America, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries. For more information, contact Robin America, Inc. at 847-540-7300 or visit the Web site at