Finally, a 3 axis self-leveling construction laser with grade range from -25% to +25%. Radio control remote for horizontal, vertical and grade as well as pipe laying applications. Dual automatic axis alignment, vibration filter and automatic temperature compensation minimizes or eliminates rework.

Designed for general construction, laser controlled screeds, vertical alignment for plumb or anchor bolt installations, plus form tilt-up and curtain wall plumbing. Dual slope grading, steep slope, unknown slopes in existing pipe, as well as interior layout – walls, drop ceilings, etc.

Everything learned about construction lasers incorporated into one compact rugged (3-foot concrete drop tested) “do -it-all” model.

We also offer our Bosh Tools Floor-Wall Radar instrument. Detect metals, wiring, plastic pipe and studs hidden in floors, walls, and under materials such as concrete, in-floor heating, drywall and metal.

With capabilities to 6-inch depths in concrete, this instrument not only gives exact location, but also depth, center, width and edges. Audio detection and calibration free. IF you have to find it, this is your solution.

All instruments are tested and calibrated in our service facility. We do not sell “out-of-the-box” or “off-the-shelf”. We have serviced the construction community since 1977, with repeat customers from coast-to-coast. We ship daily via UPS from our central location in Nebraska.

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Bosh Floor-Wall Radar instrument

3-Axis Self-Leveling Construction Laser