As of July 1, 2012, PowerLift Hydraulic Doors announced they will provide a Lifetime Door Structure Warranty on new doors for agriculture, aviation, commercial and industrial industries. Only PowerLift, with local partnership locations throughout America’s heartland and their corporate office in Lake Benton, Minnesota, will warrant their doors’ structure to last the lifetime of the building.

Minnesota’s oldest commercial hydraulic door manufacturer, PowerLift’s door strength and quality has proven itself over the past twenty-plus years and stands alone as the only company to offer a guarantee of this magnitude. PowerLift Doors offers the only hydraulic door and framework in the industry that is totally welded together – top to bottom – to form one piece and without being bolted together in the field.

To assure proper installation and customer peace of mind, experienced company specialists add to the guarantee by installing every door. Each door is custom designed and fabricated to the exact building measurements and specifications, ensuring a great fit and solid weather seals in all regions of the country.

PowerLift stands alone with its commitment to quality, customer service and now a lifetime warranty. Contact Powerlift Hydraulic Doors at 507-368-9500, email [email protected] or visit for all your hydraulic door needs.