Applications Include Construction, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Landscaping, Transportation Manufacturing and Maintenance, and Pulp-Based and General Manufacturing.

When protection against the sun is more important than ever, Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces new and improved Jackson Safety Nemesis Polarized Safety Eyewear.

The safety glasses offer extended protection in a polarized lens, reducing eye fatigue as well as providing superior peripheral vision and side protection through a sleek, wraparound design. A specialty lens minimizes the oriented light that causes glare, allowing the wearer to see fine details and deep colors without eyestrain, eye stress or fatigue. It does so without compromising or sacrificing clarity, performance or durability. The glasses are comfortable enough for all-day use.

"Providing polarized safety glasses to workers helps create an Exceptional Workplace – one that is healthier, safer and more productive – in places where sun glare and reflections would otherwise pose a hazard," said Valona Renner-Thomas, Product Manager, Eye and Face Protection, Kimberly-Clark Professional. "This sunglass-layered polarization lens technology, with two individual cut lenses, offers superior clarity and reduces visual distortion for anyone who spends time outdoors in bright sunlight."

The product is ideal for construction, utilities, oil and gas, landscaping, transportation manufacturing and maintenance, and for pulp-based and general manufacturing when workers are performing tasks outside.

Jackson Safety Nemesis Polarized Safety Eyewear also features:

  • A new adjustable nose piece to deliver a comfortable non-slip fit
  • A sporty, lightweight design
  • 99.9 percent UV protection
  • Jackson Safety Nemesis Polarized Safety Eyewear exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards and has high-quality polarization alignment and superior anti-scratch performance to meet the EN1836 and EN166 7.3.1 standards. The polarized lenses are durable in extreme weather conditions, from 180 degrees F to 0 degrees F.

Available with gray or brown lens and frame options, each pair comes with a neck cord.

For more information about Jackson Safety Nemesis Polarized Safety Eyewear, visit or call 1-888-GOKC (4652).