Glove Connection, the Southern Nevada-based product developer and distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) to companies throughout the Western region of the United States, is the first to introduce two new Cut Level 5 products to its portfolio: the Armory protective sleeve and the Antzer Plus glove. Cut Level 5 is the highest protective rating available in the PPE industry today.
Crucial in industries where employees regularly come into contact with glass, sharp metals and other hazardous materials, the high-visibility Armory sleeve and Antzer Plus glove provide exceptional dexterity and are impervious to liquids and prevent lacerations. Made with cutting-edge proprietary materials and reinforced with steel wire, the Armory and Antzer Plus are manufactured to the most stringent Cut Level 5 standards upheld in the industry today. Moreover, the Antzer Plus glove even allows wearers to operate smart phones with their fingertips.
“We evaluated the market and discovered a need for reliable and versatile Cut Level 5 products, so we took it upon ourselves to develop the Armory and Antzer Plus,” explains Drew Stevens, co-owner, Glove Connection. “We have tremendous interest from a variety of industries for PPE that meets Cut Level 5 specifications.”
With ongoing growth in the renewable energy sector, companies charged with installing solar panels on solar farms in the Southwest are among Glove Connection’s fastest growing customer base. Workers engaged in this effort depend upon PPE such as the Armory sleeve and Antzer Plus glove.
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