CYBERWATCH SMS is a cellular hour and location meter designed for simplicity and affordability. It is easily connected to a vehicle’s ignition circuit and 12 – 48VDC power supply.

The user simply sends the device a text message from his phone, tablet or PC and within a few seconds the CYBERWATCH SMS responds with the hours/minutes of usage, idle time, any of two alarm connections and the GPS location of the vehicle. The user can click the GPS location coordinates and the vehicle is viewed on a mapping software interface like Google Earth/Maps. 

The inexpensive device is available to an end user for only $26 per month for 36 months, which includes all hardware and wireless service costs. The user owns the device at the end of the term.

Now fleet owners and managers can quickly and easily check usage and location right from their cell phone to accurately schedule mechanics, driver accountability and pick up location. 

CYBERWATCH SMS quickly fits on any make or model gas, LPG, diesel or electric machine.

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