IROCK Crushers, a leader in global sales of mobile screening and crushing equipment, introduces the TS-522 Heavy Duty Screener. This screener, one in a line of five IROCK models, is suitable for medium- to large-scale operations and is ideal in applications such as recycling, sand and gravel, mining, or as a part of a crusher circuit.

Built for high productivity, the TS-522 features extra hopper capacity, class-leading screening area, and the highest stockpiling capability of any screener this size. The TS-522 is powered by a 129-horsepower Caterpillar C4.4 engine and is capable of processing materials at a rate of up to 670 TPH.

In terms of hopper capacity, the 14-foot-wide hopper feeder that comes standard on the TS-522 is rated to 12-cubic-yards. This extra space is built to accommodate a greater amount of material, enabling higher production rates. 

The TS-522 also offers ample screening area, which further contributes to the machine’s high output ratings. With a 22-foot by 5-foot top deck and a 20-foot by 5-foot bottom deck, the machine has a total screening area of 210 square feet. This two-deck design enables users to produce and sort up to three different size products. For customers needing four finished products, IROCK offers the TS-522 TD, a three-deck version of the screener. The decks can be interchanged so customers have more control over end-product size.

Hydraulically folding side conveyors feature the highest stockpiling heights and capacity in their class today, providing the stacking heights necessary to match the machine’s high output rates. Able to stack up to 16 feet 8 inches on the sides and 16 feet, 2 inches on the tail, these conveyors provide the convenience of running the machine for longer before needing to reposition finished material.

In addition to the 129-horsepower Caterpillar C4.4 engine, the TS-522 offers additional heavy-duty add-ons specifically designed for high production rates and extra durability.  A vibrating livehead is also an option to accommodate heavier, sticky materials. When running heavy, dirty materials such as recycled concrete, the vibrating livehead can replace the standard grid over the hopper to provide additional screening before the material enters the hopper.

Several options also allow for easy maintenance and portability. While the TS-522 comes standard with an attached cord and remote for controlling and maneuvering the screener around a job site, a wireless remote option is also available. Walkways alongside the screeners provide full access to each side of the screenbox for ease of maintenance or screen changeouts.

IROCK is not only known for its heavy-duty units and high-quality components, but also for exceptional customer service. The company has convenient 24-hour online parts look up and ordering, fast delivery, and live service support until 9 p.m. EST.

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