Ultra-lightweight tank increases fuel efficiency, resists corrosion, is easy to install and sets a new standard for in-bed diesel fuel tank innovation.

Titan Fuel Tanks announced that it will be introducing its new 5010060, cross-linked polyethylene, In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The unique, new, 60-gallon tank has a patent pending and will be on display for the first time in Titan’s booth 31179 in the Upper South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Based upon quantitative field trial data and qualitative feedback from participants, the marketplace is expected to respond very favorably to the new tank’s features, advantages and benefits. Distributors will be excited to have an attractive, accessory-rich, polymer alternative to metallic diesel tanks. Installers will find the 51-pound tank easy for one person to maneuver and simple to install. End-users will enjoy better fuel mileage, easy removal and reinstallation capabilities and a limited five-year warranty that is longer than the life expectancy of many steel tanks.
“We are excited to be stocking and distributing Titan’s new In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank,” said Kyle Shiminski, category director, Keystone Automotive Operations. “The strength and durability of the cross-linked polyethylene material combined with the tank’s design and accompanying accessories are all factors for why we are offering this product to our Global customer base.”
Keystone and other distributors in the United States, Canada and Australia are expected to have the new polymer tanks in stock on or about November 15, 2012.  “We are looking forward to fulfilling the anticipated demand for this new type of in-bed tank,” Shiminski added.
Titan’s new in-bed polymer fuel tank fits most full-sized, American-made, diesel pickup trucks and is virtually unaffected by the corrosive properties of diesel and bio-diesel fuels, as well as fuel additives that have been known to attack the aluminum linings present in virtually all steel diesel fuel tanks. Titan’s new in-bed tank has been specifically engineered to accommodate the broadest array of diesel fuels and to stand up to the rigors of off-road use.
Titan’s tanks are formed from military-grade cross-linked polyethylene (XLHDPE). The durable tanks are fully baffled to prevent load shifting and have safe, smooth, contoured edges with no sharp weld points to rust, fail under stress or compromise structural integrity. In addition to its robustness, the polyethylene material is 200 times less thermal conductive than steel. The polymer’s insulating properties eliminate condensation, while boosting mileage efficiency by keeping fuel cooler and closer to optimal combustion temperatures than metallic tanks.
“In-bed steel tanks can weigh up to 250 pounds empty and installing or removing one can be a real hassle,” said Adam Craig, of Thoroughbred Diesel. “At just 51-pounds, our customers will be able to remove and reposition the Titan tank for optimum bed space utilization.”
Titan specializes in designing and engineering innovative, customer-centered, aftermarket diesel fuel tank solutions that extend the range and economic viability of Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge diesel pickup trucks. To enhance end-user safety and security, Titan employs the latest technology in its design process, including finite element analysis (FEA). FEA allows tank performance to be measured against a wide variety of dynamic stresses, including virtual crash testing. The company has a full-time staff of fuel tank engineering experts.
The 60-gallon tank is easily secured to the truck bed via forged eye-nuts and an optional utility riser bracket allows up to four inches of clearance for under-tank storage. Titan’s new tank is sold as a complete kit and with 15 separate options, it is extremely customizable.
“We’re excited to offer this new polymer in-bed tank along with many other Titan diesel fuel tank solutions,” said Alan Rebescher, of Summit Racing Equipment. “Pricing and ordering for the in-bed tank and all of its options and accessories can be found at SummitRacing.com.”

Titan Fuel Tanks are sold in the United States, Canada and Australia and a dealer locator is available at www.titanfueltanks.com.