Nu-Star Inc. announces that Power Pusher has expanded the capabilities of its durable Super Power Pusher™ with a dual-motor model capable of moving up to 250,000 pounds for enhanced productivity that simultaneously reduces safety risks.

Fingertip controls and compact sizing make the device easy-to-maneuver, enabling a single person to move loads from 500 to 250,000 pounds for a cost-effective alternative to forklifts, tractors and other ride-on material handling equipment. Additionally, the fully programmable control system adjusts the speed and acceleration/deceleration based on the current load and environment, adapting to individual application requirements. Battery-operated, with 36-volt DC, 1500-watt dual motors and equipped with an on-board charger, Super Power Pusher delivers a powerful, yet efficient, solution to challenging material handling applications.

Engineered to promote safety, Super Power Pusher complies with OSHA Health & Safety guidelines limiting the amount of manual pushing/pulling performed by a single person. Offered with optional safety features, including audible motion beeper, strobe, horn and hand guards, Super Power Pusher is constructed to protect the worker, the load and equipment.

“We understand that increased efficiency and productivity is how companies gain a competitive edge in today’s market, so we designed Super Power Pusher to expedite material handling tasks while minimizing necessary manpower,” said Scott Lorch, President of Power Pusher. “Plus, with the ability to customize the device to meet specific industry or application requirements, we manufacture a scalable solution that evolves with customers’ needs to maximize productivity gains.”