Power Survey Company, the leader in contact voltage testing and strategic utility asset management, today launched GridHealth™, a comprehensive, turnkey service providing customers with X-ray like visibility into large, inaccessible areas of their underground electric systems.

"Before you can improve the health and reliability of aging electric systems, you must first identify their most basic weaknesses," said David Kalokitis, Chief Technology Officer of Power Survey. "Our unique mobile technologies have detected more than 80,000 electric distribution cable faults for customers in North America, driving measurable improvements in safety, reliability, energy efficiency, and cost for utilities and ratepayers."

Unlike utility asset inspection programs which are unable to test 95% of buried cable and equipment, Power Survey’s unique suite of technologies test entire underground utility systems for faults and deficiencies. By detecting, analyzing, and mitigating a broad range of secondary faults, Power Survey’s GridHealth™ service provides clients:

Improved system reliability, and public and worker safety
-GridHealth™ has identified more than 80,000 customer validated underground system faults, averting countless reliability and public/worker safety threats and eliminating the need for costly and ineffective manual asset inspections.
Optimized capital and maintenance planning
-GridHealth™ is an intelligent capital and maintenance planning tool, which complements many utility smart-grid initiatives. By detecting and analyzing system weaknesses, GridHealth™ provides actionable insight into where and when failures will strike next.

Improved system energy efficiency
-GridHealth™ is a key component of successful energy efficiency programs, dramatically reducing unnecessary energy losses and saving thousands of megawatts of energy.

All GridHealth™ data is captured, managed, compiled, tracked, analyzed, and reported in real time using Power Survey’s cutting-edge data management systems. Clients are kept abreast of findings, reports, and analytics using GridSight™, a dynamic new, real-time, program management dashboard application. Customers can view GridSight™ by simply logging onto Power Survey’s secure web portal. Clients are also provided 4G enabled Apple iPads with GridSight™ preloaded, so the application can be quickly accessed in the field.

Power Survey also today introduced a new website which includes an innovative Flash Learning Center and public service videos featuring famed broadcaster and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, Major League all-star pitcher Mark Buehrle, and legendary coach and basketball Hall of Famer Bob Hurley. All are currently accessible on the company’s new website at www.PowerSurveyCo.com.

For more information about Power Survey and GridHealth™ please visit www.PowerSurveyCo.com; email [email protected], or call Power Survey’s Customer Information Center toll free at 888-PSC-2008 or 973-344-7116.
Power Survey provides contact voltage detection and asset management services to electric utilities and municipalities through the utilization of cutting edge technology, advanced data management systems, and a team of expert engineers and technicians. Our services have enabled dramatic improvements in utility asset management and safety for customers worldwide.

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