The WeedSeeker’s optics and spray delivery system are manufactured by Trimble, a world leader in GPS, laser and optical technologies. Using its advanced optics, the WeedSeeker is able to detect weeds over gravel, grass, pavement, railroads, and golf course pathways. When a weed enters the sensor’s field of vision and detects a different color pattern it signals a spray nozzle to deliver an accurate amount of herbicide to the weed. It will only spray the weed and not the bare ground, making it very effective where weeds occur intermittently. Thus chemical waste is effectively reduced as it is only being applied to selected areas.

While the WeedSeeker is already used extensively in agriculture and industrial spray applications; Rittenhouse is introducing a smaller spray system that is suitable for public places, refineries, railway and right of way vegetation management. It can be easily mounted in the cargo box of a utility vehicle, and it is factory set up and tested.
Additionally, the width coverage area can be expanded by simply adding more spot spray sensors at any time; the WeedSeeker controller can operate up to 40 sensors.
The WeedSeeker features a 30 gallon tank, 12 volt powered pump, fully adjustable pressure regulator; return flow tank agitation, four or six WeedSeeker spot spray sensors, 80 – 120 inch wide coverage area, adjustable speed range from three – 10MPH, and the WeedSeeker controller.
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Rittenhouse is a long established Canadian company and is a manufacturer of spraying equipment and a distributor of landscaping tools, Teejet products and Hypro pumps throughout North America.