To help prevent diesel/biodiesel fuel gelling in cold weather, E-Tip, Inc. introduces the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ that mounts easily to the engine fuel filter. It is just one in an extensive line of products for cold weather starting, security, safety and maintenance.
Cold conditions often affect fuel flow during start-up and in daily operations. When it is cold enough to cause fuel gelling, over-the-road trucks, heavy machinery, automobiles, generators and other equipment that must operate in low temperatures can become disabled. The gelling plugs the filter, preventing fuel passage. The only solutions are to replace the filter or warm up the fuel until it flows again, requiring towing the equipment to an inside location or bringing a heater to the equipment site.
The Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ offers a simple solution. It is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad that easily wraps around the metal filterhousing to maintain full contact and evenly transmit heat quickly. It converts the metal filterhousing into the heating element, acting an electric blanket for the fuel filterhousing.
When it is time to change the filter element, the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ is easily released for transfer to the new filterhousing. The 4”x7” Preheater draws 85 watts and is available in several voltages. See our website’s Maintenance section for further technical specifications.
E-Tip, Inc. also carries the 120v “Peel & Stick” Universal Preheater™ to warm fuel tanks overnight. No cutting or welding, just clean mounting area on fuel tank, peel and stick it on.
Include both the “Peel & Stick” Universal Preheater™ for engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, gear boxes, etc. and the Universal Filter Preheater™ in your cold weather package and be assured that you have selected a more effective and complete solution to cold weather-related problems.
The Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ carries a three-year materials and workmanship warranty. A standard 12v Pre-heater is priced at $138.
Contact E-Tip, Inc. at 800-530-5064, email [email protected], or visit for more information. 

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