Airlessco, a division of Graco, offers its EZ Rent airless paint sprayers in two durable and easy-to-use models: EZ570 and EZ700. The series features a low maintenance design coupled with high-quality construction and components for reliable operation, extended life and high ROI, making it ideal for the rental industry. Capable of handling water-based paints, oil-coatings, 100-percent acrylics, stains and varnishes, the EZ Rent sprayers are suitable for a variety of end-users including professional contractors, facility managers and homeowners.

The EZ Rent models feature a .9-horsepower DC motor and generate 3,000-PSI maximum operating pressure. Weighing 71-pounds and delivering a maximum output of 0.85-GPM, the EZ570 packs powerful performance in a small, convenient package. Slightly larger at 73 pounds, the EZ700 model offers a maximum output delivery of 0.95-GPM. Both models are capable of pumping directly from 1- or 5-gallon paint containers, providing quick, easy access on any jobsite.

Several design features and components have been incorporated into the EZ Rent sprayers for enhanced durability and reduced downtime. The sprayers offer Airlessco’s patented, externally-adjustable Triple-Life™ packing system, which extends packing life, reducing repair costs and downtime. The system also indicates packing wear, ensuring replacements are made when necessary to avoid unexpected interruption during operation. Both models also feature a slow-stroking stainless-steel piston pump, which protects the piston, packings, valve seats and check balls, and extends the lifecycle of the entire unit. Crucial electronic components are stored in a stainless-steel casing to protect them from paint and other contaminants. Additionally, the fan-cooled motor is completely enclosed to prevent brush wear, while the high torque design runs slower than similar competitive units, further reducing both heat and premature wear.

To eliminate pulsation and erratic spraying, the EZ Rent series features a precision electronic pressure control system. Furthermore, the sprayers feature a large, user-friendly LCD display that eliminates the guesswork of selecting pressure settings. The design allows end-users of all skill levels, from novice DIYer to experienced professionals, to achieve consistent, seamless finishes each and every time.

Daily cleanup is fast and easy with the addition of Airlessco’s optional Quick Flush™ adapter. Clean water from a standard garden hose can be used to back flush the sprayers quickly, safely and thoroughly – a clear advantage for rental centers, as it simplifies and encourages daily cleaning from renters. A variety of additional optional accessories and kits are available to further enhance the EZ Rent sprayers for both end users and rental center operators. Every EZ Rent sprayer comes standard with a 1/4-inch hose, 500-series gun and 517 Uni-Tip spray tip.

The EZ Rent series features a precision electronic pressure control system to eliminate pulsation and erratic spraying. The sprayers also feature a large, user-friendly LCD display that eliminates the guesswork of selecting pressure settings.