Universal Industries, Inc., founded in 1906, has been a bulk material handling industry innovator for over half a century. Beginning with bucket elevators and belt conveyors, Universal’s blue equipment is seen all over the country from fields to foundries and from quarries to food plants.

The newest line of products from Universal Industries, Inc., your industry leader, has come in the way of tube conveyors. With its heavy duty construction to last throughout the years, our series of UniTube® Conveyors will outlive and outperform similar-sized augers by four times. With the ability to handle a wide variety of materials, our conveyors can gently move corn, soybeans and other grains, as well as those that are abrasive or corrosive such as fertilizer, salt, sand and even crushed glass. An innovative jack and removable hitch are standard on all units as is a spring-loaded, collapsible hopper. A variety of drives are offered consisting of PTO’s, electric, hydraulic and gas. The UniTube® comes accessible with many options including swing away hoppers, Field Loaders for a low hopper profile and “S” drive systems with heavy duty vulcanized and crowned drive pulleys to eliminate belt slippage.

Among our UniTube® Conveyor lines are the low profile transfer conveyor, handling capacities up to 6,000 bph, and the drive-over belt conveyor with capacities up to 10,000 bph. The Low Pro easily reaches under belly-dumps and comes standard with a 72” collapsible hopper, the longest in the industry. It also has a discharge height of 36”. Our drive-over is hydraulically raised and lowered for transport, has an 8’ x 12’ solid deck with no ramps to fold up and full length flaps providing a hopper larger than any in the industry; saving you time and money by receiving your load at incredible speeds.
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