The ExcaVision excavator depth monitor is the most user friendly system on the market, and to make it even easier to use, the User’s Manual is now built in. Just press ‘Help’ and browse through the instructions on the best way to perform various excavation tasks.

The operator can monitor the depth, slope and width of the work himself, producing perfect excavations and eliminating the safety hazard of working around deep holes.

The system is affordable and fits any excavator or backhoe. Being wireless, it installs in less than one hour and is handy for any excavation job requiring accurate bottom, such as basements, footings, sloping trenches, and foundations. With ExcaVision you can use your existing rotating laser as reference. ExcaVision is an essential component of any GPS based system. You can therefore upgrade to a full GPS excavator system by adding two GPS antennas and a computer.

We will be showing our latest developments at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Jan. 24 to 27, 2012.

The ExcaVision system sells for under $8k. Add the GPS system anytime for under $40k. For more information, visit

ExcaVision is available worldwide, and supports 13 languages!