Convenience Products, the manufacturer of Touch ‘n Seal insulating foams, sealants and specialty products, has added two new Long Barrel Spray Foam Applicators  to their product lineup.  Designed for the application of single component gun foam, the reusable applicators are available in 28” and 39” lengths.  Both applicators feature steel barrels, adjustable outputs to control product flow and comfort grip handles.    
“Users can easily reach high and low areas with the extra-long barrels on Touch ‘n Seal’s new applicators,” says Michael Sites, Industrial Building Materials Marketing Manager at Touch ‘n Seal.  “Elevated areas like rim joists can be reached without a ladder and low areas like sill plates can be reached without bending over.  The new applicators reduce operator fatigue and increase applicator safety by eliminating the need for ladders in many hard-to-reach areas.”
Touch ‘n Seal’s Long Barrel Applicator adjustable output nozzle ensures a precise and economical application of foam.  After use, the long steel barrels can be easily cleaned with Touch ‘n Seal Poly-Clean, an EPA zero VOC polyurethane foam cleaner.    
For more information, To locate a local distributor contact Touch ‘n Seal customer service at 800-325-6180.


Applicators Provides Extended Reach for Low and High Areas