Little Beaver’s line of Lone Star Mechanical portable well water drills provides efficient and reliable drilling for use in water wells, soil sampling, geotechnical testing, exploration shot holes and auger drilling. Featuring Lone Star’s field-proven drill design, the LS100 and LS200 have the power and versatility to tackle projects in a variety of soil types including sandy, clay and loamy. Simple operation and easy maintenance make the Lone Star Mechanical line of drills ideal for everyone – from the beginning drilling crews to the most experienced operator.
Designed specifically to overcome the challenges of water well drilling in third world countries, the Lone Star Mechanical drills are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for remote locations. They have been a dependable solution for more than 10 years. Additionally, the drills are easy-to-use, set up and maintain. Lone Star Mechanical drills are also equipped with a Honda 5.5HP gas engine rotary and a 5.5HP mud pump – ensuring years of worry-free performance. Hatz diesel powered units are also available.
The LS100 is the modern-day version of the original Lone Star drill, and sets the standard for the complete Lone Star line. The LS100 comes complete with 20 joints of 1¼ inch inside diameter (ID) pipe, enabling it to efficiently drill a 6-inch borehole up to 100 feet in sandy and clay terrain. The unit fits in a 1,000-pound crate for easy transport.
When drilling depths greater than 100 feet are required, the LS200 is an ideal solution, and features the same compact design as the LS100. LS200 drills utilize two-inch ID M250 drill pipe to efficiently and effectively reach 200-foot depths in sand, clay and gravel soils. The entire drill fits into a 2,000-pound crate for easy shipping and transportation.
Lone Star Mechanical drills are all designed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability with little maintenance. A heavy-duty welded steel frame and robust 3,500-pound winch allow the drills to continuously hold strong against the most demanding drilling applications. The LS100 additionally features integrated “C” wrenches enabling crew to pull pipe quickly and easily. The LS200 features a traditional winch system to effectively and safely handle the additional weight of pipes required to dig to the extended depths. A swivel design allows the rotary to be moved for quick access to the borehole. These unique features ensure drilling crews of all experience levels can work easily and quickly, maximizing productivity without sacrificing quality.
Incorporating more than 15 years of experience and feedback from customers in the missionary field, Lone Star developed a package of tools and accessories that includes all the items needed to successfully operate in those challenging environments. The missionary package includes casing slips to efficiently set 4-inch casing, a flush tool designed to help clear mud from the borehole and replace it with clean water and a PVC Bailer used to flush the hole and wash out fines and sediment effectively pulling those lose materials out to create an efficient and clean water well. In addition, each unit is fully equipped with a toolbox containing the necessary wrench for every bolt on the rig, a grease gun, pipe joint lubricant and a basic set of spare parts. This package allows for easy set-up, and efficient performance virtually eliminating the hassle of downtime. 
An innovative addition to the Little Beaver product family, Lone Star Drills are designed to be a convenient, and powerful solution in areas with minimal resources for transportation and operation. Seven models are available, and ideal for use in a variety of applications including soil sampling, geotechnical testing and auger drilling.

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Lone Star LS100


Lone Star LS200