Pat Swaggert was hard at work on a curb and gutter job site when a fully loaded trailer got away from the operator of a front end loader who was attempting to move the trailer with just the bucket. The operator was lifting the tongue of the tandem axle equipment trailer with the bucket when it slipped off and rolled away. This trailer was heavily loaded with plates and forms along with drums of fluid. As a full time fire fighter for over 30 years Pat recognized how easily someone could have been injured or killed and the seed of an idea began to germinate. He realized there had to be a better way to safely move trailers using skid steer loaders and existing equipment.
Many times a trailer needs to be moved from or to a location where it just is not convenient to back in a truck to use a standard trailer hitch. There have been many attempts to find a successful, practical “user friendly” system to solve this problem. Unfortunately most of these add on appliances have had major design flaws or are complete attachments which are not easily carried aboard a loader during normal use, making their use impractical or less convenient. Some inventors have designed clamp on appliances for use on an existing loader bucket did not include a secured rear anchor point, which is a critical component for stability. These versions have some kind of screw down clamp system that cannot be sufficiently tightened by the human hand so they can move laterally when under a heavy load while changing directions. There is also a risk with this type of attachment completely letting go under load which creates a runaway trailer which could cause property damage or worse, injury or death to unsuspecting people in its path. There are some full size attachments available; however these have to be carried on a trailer taking up room that may be needed for other equipment since they cannot be left on the loader for ease of availability while the loader is engaged in normal loader operations.
Pat developed the Wide Receiver in response to the demonstrated need to safely use skid steer loaders for moving trailers and other equipment. Pat spent a lot of time and effort on developing a very robust, strongly built appliance that has 13 inches of continuous adjustment and will fit any manufacturer’s loader bucket. The Wide Receiver has the critical welded end bracket and the mechanical advantage of the top mounted ratchet binder. When this is attached to any given bucket it is so securely attached that it seems like part of the machine. It is so easy to use it requires no tools and can be mounted and dismounted in 10 – 15 seconds. Since it weighs only 50 lbs it can be carried and installed by an average adult.
Using the experience gained in his background as a Vietnam Veteran and longtime fire fighter the Wide Receiver was designed with safety in mind to prevent personnel injuries, prevent property damage and to save time where precision placement of trailers and equipment can be done quickly and efficiently. Preventing just one injury would pay for this appliance many times over, not to mention preventing visits from OSHA as well as costly claims and lost work time. This American made product will accommodate all manner of ball hitch inserts, clevis pin configurations and pintle hitches. With the Wide Receiver it is easy to rapidly move all types of trailers, compressors and all types of equipment, including small airplanes. Since this appliance extends beyond the buckets cutting edge, 90 degree turns without damage are easily accomplished. The heavily built quality and ease of use will make the Wide Receiver an important addition to any skid steers inventory of necessary, frequently used items. Similar to a spare tire, it is always there when you need it.

Pat points out this product is built America and always will be, because quality and keeping jobs here is important to this American inventor. To read more about this all American invention please visit