Legacy Building Solutions, a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of tension fabric buildings, has achieved recognition through the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A660 certification program for steel building systems. Legacy introduced the concept of incorporating structural steel framing into tension fabric structures, replacing the hollow-tube, open web truss frames that traditionally have been used in the industry.

The CSA-A660 standard requires that steel structure manufacturers comply with applicable engineering criteria and building codes. It was developed to assist code enforcement officials in reviewing submissions for building permits incorporating a steel building system, and to help purchasers obtain a quality building.

To be certified, building manufacturers must maintain production facilities, staff and quality assurance systems that are consistently capable of producing quality steel buildings. To ensure these design and production standards are met, the CSA-A660 standard requires a manufacturing facility to obtain documented approval from a licensed professional engineer.

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Legacy Building Solutions specializes in the innovative design, engineering and construction of fabric-covered buildings for several different industries and applications. To date, Legacy’s in-house, professional installation crews have constructed more than 30 million square feet of fabric buildings.