Wonder Works Products has introduced new Tub O’Towels cleaning towels – a new, durable cleaning towel that simply cleans the worst on-the-job messes. The new towels offer twice the size of typical cleaning wipes and a thicker, more durable muscle-weave towel-like construction.

Tub O’Towels are 100-percent solution soaked to quickly and easily clean up tough messes like caulk, ink, paint, tar, grease, permanent marker and more. The unique citrus formula contains nine specific cleaning ingredients plus lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E, making the product easy on hands. Originally designed for contractors, Tub O’ Towels are now available to consumers at leading retailers including Lowe’s, Ace, True Value and Do it Best hardware stores.  

“Tub O’Towels are the solution to any tough mess in the house, in the garage or on the job. They’re bigger, tougher and completely soaked in a special, mess-fighting cleaning solution,” said Dave Anderson, Vice President, Retail Brands, Federal Process Corporation. “Whether you’re a contractor looking for a thick and durable clean-up towel or a stay-at-home-mom who needs a fast, easy clean on an unimaginable mess, Tub O’Towels can easily knock out the toughest, grimiest messes.”

Created with the tagline “Don’t Call ‘Em Wipes, Wipes are for Wimpy Jobs,” Tub O’Towels are available in several convenient package sizes: 10-in. by 12-in. towels in a convenient 90-towel re-sealable canister; 10-in. by 12-in. individually wrapped towels; and a 40-towel re-sealable portable case (7-in. by 8-in. towels). Tub O’Towels are made in the United States.

For additional product information about Tub O’Towels, please visit www.TubOTowels.com.

First True Towel to Enter Cleaning Wipes Category, Features Tough Muscle-Weave Technology & Twice the Cleaning Surface of Comparative Wipe