Little Beaver’s line of Lone Star Hydraulic Drills work easily and efficiently in a variety of applications including, water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing and auger drilling. Available in four configurations, LS200H, LS200H+, LS300H and LS300H+, Lone Star Hydraulic Drills are capable of achieving drilling depths ranging from 200 to 300 feet.
Designed for operation in areas with minimal resources for transportation, all hydraulic models break down to a compact size in order to be easily crated. Ideal for shipping to remote areas, the units are still powerful enough to reach target digging depths in all types of terrains.
The LS200H and LS300H feature a simple hydraulic system with pullback forces of 2,500 pounds and push down forces adjustable up to 2,500 pounds. A convenient bypass flow switch offers precise control and adjustment to achieve desired pushdown force. Equipped with a standard anchor kit, the unit is capable of quick drilling in even the toughest, rockiest surfaces. Strategically placed controls provide easy operation of the rotary and the draw-works. Furthermore, a heavy-duty swivel base design allows the rotary to move aside for full and easy access to the borehole. Each drill is equipped with 11-horsepower Honda gas or 10-horsepower Yanmar or Hatz diesel engine for worry-free performance.

The LS200H is ideal for drilling 6-inch boreholes in sand, clay, gravel and rock formations and offers a digging depth of 200 feet. The unit provides 70 RPM speed and 375 foot-pounds max torque. The LS300H provides the same speeds and torque but, thanks to its stronger mud pump, drills 6-inch boreholes up to 300 feet.
The LS200H+ and LS300H+ feature a more robust hydraulic system ideally suited to handle even more challenging and rough terrain. Built with the same operator-inspired design as the LS200H and LS300H, the LS200H+ and LS300H+ feature greater power and enhanced performance. Each unit is equipped with a 20-horsepower Honda gas or a 19-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. The easy-to-operate hydraulic system features pullback forces of 5,000 pounds and push down forces adjustable up to 5,000 pounds when anchored, ensuring the drill reaches its specified depth every time. Similar to the LS200 and LS300, the LS200+ digs 6-inch boreholes at depths of up to 200 feet, and the LS300+ up to 300 feet. With rotation speeds of 95 RPM at 10 GPM and max torque of 665 foot-pounds, the added plus of these hydraulic drills make digging through soft to medium rock formations possible.
All Lone Star Hydraulic Drills are designed with longevity, ease of operation and convenience in mind. Made with a heavy-duty welded steel frame and reinforced table base, hydraulic drills provide years of reliable operation with little maintenance. For convenience during operation, a 3-way ball valve allows operators to bypass the mudflow when changing the pump, eliminating the need to shut down the mud pump. In addition, each drill is equipped with controls that include rear mounted dual and adjustable relief valves.
Lone Star has also developed a package of tools and accessories that includes items needed to successfully operate in challenging environments. Packages vary for each model but include casing slips and a flush tool designed to help clear mud from the borehole and replace it with clean water. Also included is a bailer used to flush the hole and wash out fines and sediment, effectively pulling those loose materials out to create an efficient and clean water well. In addition, each unit is fully equipped with a toolbox containing a set of wrenches, necessary for tightening every bolt on the drill, a grease gun, pipe joint lubricant and a basic set of spare parts. This package allows for easy set-up, and efficient performance – for minimal hassle and downtime.

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Lone Star Hydraulic Drills are ideal for achieving drilling depths ranging from 200 to 300 feet in a variety of applications including, water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing and auger drilling.