Today Bracken Engineering announced that the new manufacturer and distributor of the industry leading sinkhole interior support bracket is now TMG Manufacturing Corp. The former manufacturer and distributor of the ISB-07 (Main Street Fabrications and Manufacturing, LLC) are no longer permitted to manufacture or sell sinkhole brackets due to issues that developed between them and the sinkhole bracket’s creators.

"TMG is excited to have the opportunity to manufacture the sinkhole repair bracket.  We look forward to working with Bracken Engineering on the next generation as well." Niel Bloomfield, Owner of TMG.

The sinkhole repair, is an interior slab bracket intended to sit atop a helically advanced pin pile and support the slab portion of a building. These types of supports are most often used on existing buildings that have or are experiencing some type of foundation displacement. These brackets were designed so as to keep the cost of restoring a displaced building within reason and certainly less than the cost of completely removing and replacing the entire building.

According to William C. Bracken, engineer and co-creator of the patented bracket, "Prior to the bracket the only method available to support an interior slab was to cut a 30" diameter hole and install pins (designed for exterior walls) below the slab at roughly 5 feet on center.  The sinkhole repair bracket only requires a 10" hole and can be spaced up to 10 feet on center thanks to its three collapsible arms."

While the sinkhole repair interior support brackets are capable of being used throughout the world, they are most often used in Florida due to problems that homeowners face with sinkholes. The proper use and design of these are left up to the project engineer but specifications and design manuals are available on-line at:

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