Age-Master #1® rubber protectant is a surface treatment that has protected military, industrial, aviation and space equipment from rubber “dry rot” since 1969. This protection against cracking, loss of strength and flexibility is now available for construction equipment.

When painted onto tires, tracks, hoses, belts, bushings, or other rubber parts, it penetrates and dries in minutes leaving no slick or oily residue. The strength, flexibility and traction properties of rubber are not affected, and this penetrating protection will not peel or wash off.

Put science to work for you
Rubber “dry rot” is caused by UV rays, oxidation, and ozone in the environment. Age-Master #1® works by adding a chemical barrier to rubber that reacts with these harmful elements before rubber can be damaged. This protection is especially effective for equipment exposed to hot, sunny environments.

Benefits include:
• Longer service life for lower replacement costs.
• Less repair downtime.
• Improved readiness of equipment in storage.
• Meets Military Specifications.

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Age-MasterNo.1® protects equipment used in harsh environments.

Age-Master No.1® was developed by a chemical engineer with over twenty years of experience in the rubber industry, including research and development for major U.S. tire manufacturers. Extensive study and testing culminated in development of this long lasting, cost effective way for protecting rubber from the harmful effects of ozone and ultra violet light associated with aging and weathering, often referred to as "dry rot." Initially used for specialized military applications, Age-Master No.1 has proven effective at extending the service life of a variety of rubber components, reducing replacement costs and down time for savings in many industrial and commercial applications.