For nearly two decades, Recycling and Processing Equipment Inc. (RPE) has been providing specialized equipment needed by companies in wood and green waste recycling, and aggregates processing industries. By developing and fostering a personal relationship with their customers, RPE is able to anticipate their needs and provide the machine most suited to their project.

RPE has been in the custom grinding and processing business longer than they have been an equipment dealer. They have hands-on experience and an intimate knowledge of the equipment, which comes from using these machines to make a living. They are more than willing to share this knowledge with their clients. RPE believes their business thrives on their clients success. Anyone who purchases a machine from Recycling and Processing Equipment has access to their knowledge and experience about the business, the process, and the material.

Recycling and Processing Equipment Inc. understands the business of custom grinding and material processing because they still do it everyday. RPE has crews out across the US processing material for clients who see the benefits of having the processing service provided rather than purchasing a machine for themselves. Their knowledgeable, safety conscious crews have processed many types of materials from plastics to porcelain, cinder blocks to concrete, and hundreds of thousands of yards of wood and green waste. These crews know about the material, the best way to process it, and the best way to maintain their machines, increasing their up-time on site and extending the life of the machine.

Recycling and Processing Equipment Inc. has been turning wasted resources into valuable commodities since their founding. Now they are leading the RASolution. Asphalt Shingle Grinding Service, LLC, (ASGS) an RPE sister company, is dedicated exclusively to recycling and processing asphalt shingles or RAS. By working with asphalt producers and roofing manufacturers, ASGS has played a large part in diverting over 1,000,000 tons of tear-off and manufacturers waste shingles from our nations landfills, saving valuable landfill space and reducing our dependency on foreign sources of oil. They have a Hot Mix design specialist onstaff to help asphalt producers meet the different specifications required by the Departments of Transportation in their specific state.

Whether you need a crusher, grinder or screen to process your own material, or you are looking for a reputable company with a proven track record of service to process your material for you, RPE and ASGS have what you need to make the right product, the first time, on the first pass.

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