For nearly 40 years, Maradyne Corporation’s turbo® Precleaners have been custom engineered for precision-designed engines, setting the standard in filtration for the world’s most rugged industries. Offering the lowest restriction and highest efficiency of any precleaner on the market, turbo Precleaners protect machinery from highly damaging micro-abrasive dust before it can enter the air filter, helping extend the life of expensive equipment.  
Manufactured with durable steel, with a high quality and smooth powder coat finish, the turbo II is designed specifically to protect engines in equipment serving the high demands of the military, marine, oil and gas, agriculture, construction and other industries. Equipment operators around the world working in these environments, where dust is a problem and superior protection is needed, install the turbo II on loaders, graders, crushers, haulers, mixers and mining machines for long-lasting, maintenance-free engine filtration.
"The turbo II, like all turbo-brand Precleaners, is independently tested to ISO 5011 standards," said Tracy Long, Maradyne’s director of business development. "It’s manufactured of steel with high-quality bearings and a durable, powder coat finish for superior corrosion resistance, which helps extend filter life and reduces downtime, while lowering maintenance and servicing costs."
The turbo Precleaner line is uniquely designed for high quality and efficiency.  Unlike other precleaners that typically use "reverse axial" designs, the turbo brand employs a straight-through air flow path. This means dirty incoming air enters the top of the unit and flows directly into guide vanes. The air is directed into a high-velocity air-powered rotor chamber, which is powered by the machine’s engine and is rotating at about 10,000 rpm. There, engineered blades create centrifugal force, spinning out of the unit through special discharge ports more than 85 percent of contaminants, some as small as 1 micron, including dust, dirt, insects and moisture, ultimately allowing only purified air into the machinery.  
With reverse axial designs, dirty air enters the bottom of the Precleaner where it must make a U-turn, restricting the air flow and robbing the engine of power. Higher restriction means filters don’t last as long, engines don’t work as efficiently and equipment generally requires more maintenance.  


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