People from all walks of life are converging on the OSE Headquarters in Missouri this weekend for opportunity to learn how to “swarm build” high level Micro-Houses.

Open Source Ecology (OSE) is embarking on its most ambitious open source, full immersion workshops to date. The company has scheduled five days to “Swarm Build” an impressive Micro-House from foundation to finish at its Factor e Farm in Missouri this weekend.

The company conducts frequent workshops as part of the their Global Village Construction Set Initiative, which is a modular, DIY, low cost, high performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 machines required to create a comfortable, self-sustaining society from the ground up. OSE’s method puts their machines cost at under 25% of similar equipment available.

OSE takes a unique approach when building their Micro-Houses because much of the building materials required for the homes are extracted from the property itself, reducing overall costs dramatically. OSE employs their CEB (compressed earth brick) press that uses the dirt from the land to make all the bricks needed to construct the home, and with an output of 5000 bricks per day, large scale production can be accommodated with ease. Cement is blended into the brick mix for stability. Micro-Houses are the current prototype, but larger homes can be built using this method as well.

The company constructs their Micro-Houses with a duel brick wall design (interior & exterior) that creates a space between the two walls. This space forms an air transfer block with natural insulation and soundproofing qualities. The company then uses local materials for insulation between the two walls. By using this method, OSE homes provide a superior R-value, keeping heating and cooling costs at a minimum. The double wall construction is also what makes the OSE homes, one of the highest quality, robust, Micro-House available on the market today.

OSE uses an extremely efficient building technique called “Swarm Building.” Swarm building is a highly coordinated effort, in which OSE assigns specific tasks to a large group of people. The main group is broken into sub-groups, with each sub-group performing their assigned duties while working in parallel with the rest. This method allows the houses to be completed quickly and efficiently.

The company emphasizes housing because it is one of our largest expenses. High mortgage payments keep many in perpetual debt, whereas the OSE houses per square foot cost is less than a third of conventionally built homes. A study published in The Huffington Post last year showed a whopping 68% of micro-home owners had no mortgage. The idea is to lower our financial burden, so we can also reduce or re-direct our time for better use. The company’s ultimate goal is to give people more time, and this is just a small part of their plan.

OSE’s Factor e Farm in Missouri will be abuzz with activities this week. Builders and enthusiast from all over the world are invited to partake in an experiment that started 8 years ago, only now, it’s grown into one of the largest, most complete, open source hardware movements in the country.    

Open Source Ecology was founded in 2003 by Dr. Marcin Jakubowski Ph.D. OSE is a non-profit group with its headquarters based out of Maysville, Missouri. The company’s mission is to empower people by providing a viable alternative to the current economic system which perpetuates artificial scarcity.

Dr. Jakubowski has created logical solutions to some of today’s most challenging limitations, with the goal of creating true abundance for all. His ideas replace competitive waste with collaboration—inefficient distribution with thriving local economies—and in true open source fashion, he publishes his information for all to use.

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